An extremely bright pulse from FRB20201124A was detected on April 15th at 12:23:19.369 UTC.

This pulse had a fluence of 334 Jy ms (+/- 10%) and a peak flux density of 215 Jy (+/- 10%) giving an excellent S/N of 85. The full width half maximum of the pulse was 1.5 ms (+/- 0.2 ms) and the DM was determined to be 412.8 (+/- 0.2) pc/cm3. We believe this is the pulse with the highest fluence detected from this source so far.

Below you will find the dynamic spectrum from this observation, the spectral resolution is 583 kHz/channel.

Please note that the small precursor to the pulse is due to an instrumental artefact and not part of the actual pulse.
Below you will find the pulse profile in more detail.