Association Mission

It is the Astropeiler Stockert e.V.’s mission to both preserve and further develop the radioastronomical site at Stockert on a voluntary basis. In doing so, we aim to keep the facility’s instruments up-to-date and operational without compromising their historic structure therefore allowing for new and old technology to intermingle in interesting ways.

The team at Stockert aims to contribute regularly to the current scientific discourse to the degree made possible by the facility’s equipment. In particular, the team wishes to encourage universities and schools alike to utilize the site for educational purposes for which relevant programs are continually being developed.

It is of utmost importance to the association to make the field of astronomy more accessible for the general public, focusing on the significance of fundamental research as an integral part of modern society.

As a result, the team at Stockert identifies itself as a per se focal point for all different kinds of amateurs engaged in radioastronomy, such as amateur radio operators. Conferences, lectures and seminars as well as other advanced training and education programs are also part of the Astropeiler’s activities.