Amateur radio – what is that?

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, is the use of the radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation, radio sport, contesting and emergency communications. In Germany this is regulated via the act of amateur radio (“Gesetz über den Amateurfunk” – AFuG). Wikipedia

“The reception of amateur radio signals and the ownership of amateur radio equipment is permitted for everyone. However the operation of the channel of an amateur radio station itself requires specialized knowledge as well as the admission into the amateur radio service via a personalized ID number. The federal network agency conducts amateur radio exams regularly for these reasons and offers, upon passing of the exam, an amateur radio certificate (or harmonized notice) verifying the existence of appropriate skill and knowledge. Only with this, can an individual apply for participation within the local as well as applicable foreign amateur radio service.” (Federal Network Agency)

Why is there amateur radio at the Radio Telescope Stockert?

  • Former members of the Radio Telescope Stockert were active amateur radio operator
  • The foundation of the Astropeiler e.V. was largely due to the shared passion of several radio astronomically interested amateur radio operator
  • Close Relation to the Radio Astronomy Service
  • Recruiting of new talent in the sectors of Astronomy and Electronics
  • Taking part in trans-national public affairs
  • And naturally: For the love of making and maintaining international contacts
Funkecke für den Amateurfunkbetrieb auf Kurzwelle/2m/70cm

Why do we still have amateur radio today?

  • Direct contact without provider-dependency
  • Comprehensive opportunities for technical experiments
  • Immediate accessibility to even the most remote locations and much more…

What do our Stockert amateur radio operators do?

  • Offer courses/training in becoming a certified amateur radio operator
  • Offer courses/train in morse coding
  • Operation of the club station DLØEF – „Weltweit Flagge zeigen!“
  • Advertisement for the radiotelescope Stockert and the Astropeiler e.V.
  • Advertisement via the means of the observatory (i.e.: EME service)
  • Assistance to amateur radio guests and enthusiasts at the observatory