Directions to the Radio Telescope

The radiotelescope Stockert with its observatory lies, quite hidden, at Eschweiler, a district of Bad Münstereifel, in the Northern Eifel (NRW). The remote location which, during the foundation of the radiotelescope was greatly beneficial, nowadays makes it a bit tricky to find the location. We therefore recommend to plan the route in advance and, if necessary, to print the directions.

Please remember to check our opening times if you wish to participate in a guided tour through the premises.

Detailed Directions:

Depending on the exact direction from which you are arriving we recommend the following routes:

From the North or the West:

Take highway A1 Köln-Trier, Exit 112: Bad Münstereiffel/Mechernich, then take a right (L165) in the direction of Bad Münstereifel. After roughly 1km (0.6 miles) turn left into Holzheim/Satzvey, then immediately left again (L499) to Satzvey and Golfplatz. In the midst of the next town “Weiler am Berge” take the route to the right (K45) towards Eschweiler and Golfplatz (attention: this turn is difficult to see within the local architecture). After roughly 3km (1.9 miles) through fields and the local forests take a sharp right just prior to the town of “Eschweiler am Heiligenhäuschen”. This will lead you on a paved road uphill past the local golf course which will end at radiotelescope after 750m (0.5 miles).

From the South or the East:

Take highway A61 Koblenz-Mönchengladbach, Exit 28: Rheinbach. The city of Rheinbach can be circumnavigated via the detour-route. At the roundabout take the first exit to the right towards Loch. In Loch take the highway towards Euskirchen. In the following roundabout take the third exit towards Kirchheim. Proceed through Kirchheim to Arloff. Follow the street to the railroad crossing and then take left onto B51: Bad Münstereifel. In Iversheim take the right over the railroad crossing after which you take an immediate left uphill towards Eschweiler. At the town’s exit sign take a left towards the golf course and follow the street to the peak of the hill.

Information for Busses:

The road of Weiler am Berge after the city of Eschweiler is closed for vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons. After the BAB-exit, access is only possible via Bad Münstereifel-Iversheim (L165/L194).


The access to the radiotelescope will take you through a golf course. It is nonetheless a public street and as such users of the road have the right of way over the local golfers.

Wanderer am Stockert

Points of Interest in the Area:

The northern Eifel offers a vast variety of points of interests for both nature-lovers and tech-enthusiast which can easily be combined with a visit to the radiotelescope Stockert.

The romantic city of Bad Münstereifel with plenty of accomodations and restaurants is located only a few kilometers away. The closeby Radio Telescope Effelsberg, the “Freilicht” Museum or the local state park in Kommern are also always worth a visit. Nature-enthusiast will also find several hiking trails along the general area of the radiotelescope, showing a wonderful symbiotic relationship between nature and technology.