Information about 2.3-m-dish

2,3 m Teleskop in Bamberg

The picture shows the telescope at its original site in Bamberg.

2.3-m-Telescope Project

End of 2019 we have received a small radio telescope with 2.3 meter dish size from the “Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte” in Bamberg. It is one of the “SRT”s which were developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for student lab courses and which has been set up in various places.

This telescope will now be completely modernized by us. We will replace the receiving chain and the control system and implement various enhancements. After completion of this work it will be commissioned again and eventually be connected with our other instruments to form an interferometer.

We will document the process of restoration and modernization. Here are the first two parts of this report.

Basic overhaul of a SRT (only in german)
Teil 1: Abholen und Untersuchung der Teile (PDF)
Teil 2: Untersuchungen zum LNA und Modifikation des Antriebes (PDF)